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What is the CSCS?

CSCS is a recruiting company in the Indian Ocean area. It has already recruited 10,000 worker candidates to serve on board the “Cruise Ship” .CSCS as a legal representative in Madagascar. Indeed, by his letter dated June 20, 2019, Mr. Seepaul Chandra Kumar, the Managing Director appointed Mr. Rakoto Hari Zara Mampionona to represent the company in the big island, and to proceed with the recruitment.

Work for young Malagasy people in the USA

CSCS InternationalManning LTD recruiting company grants you this timely circumstance. All positions are provided aboard a cruise ship the "Cruise Ship" floating off Miami.

The CSCS is official in Madagascar

CSCS is recognized by the Malagasy government by the certificate of approval to the service of Manning n ° 006 / APMF / DG / 10 of 08 November 2019 from the AMPF

Available posts

The person in charge: "the Managing Director" who is located in Mauritius, is in constant correspondence with the local person in charge in Madagascar, and makes known the personnel needs of the boat: assistant cooks, waiters, waiters helpers, cleaners, Bartender, mechanics, security, etc. The list would be long to list all the available positions. Others are always to be filled according to the needs of the boat. Many young people your age have already taken this destination thanks to the CSCS.


Baker,Chef Pastry & Bakery,Head Baker,Butcher,Chef de Partie,Chef de Partie - Baker,Commis Cook,Teppanyaki Chef,Pantry Cook Assistant,Pastry Trainee,Assistant Galley Operations Manager,Executive Sous Chef,...


Butler,Stateroom Attendant,Cleaner,Bell Attendant,Pool Monitor,Deck Attendant,Public Area Attendant,Housekeeping,Deck Supervisor,Assistant Chief Housekeeper,Traveling Chief Housekeeper,...

What should you do?

Yes ! It shows ! You itch to go get a job in the New World. All you have to do is contact the local representative of the CSCS Company in Madagascar by e-mail or any other correspondence in order to receive further knowledge about this job in the land of dreams. To say the least, fluency in the language of Shakespeare is required. Mainly orally. Of course, because you will be dealing with people and customers who are generally English speaking. However, a job interview will always precede any hiring process, whether or not you are the candidate we expect.



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